My Comics in September

Hey all. I’ve made the announcement on Facebook, but haven’t had the time to type up a proper blog, so here I go. All proper and blog-like.

Along withRobyn Hood, Zenescope will be launching two additional new titles… both of which I’m kicking off.

Godstorm #0ties into my epicGodstormarc, which is the culmination of the war that has been brewing between the gods of old in the Grimm Universe. It’s an epic story, to be sure, but as I’m writing it, it feels more like a crime drama likeThe Wirewith a heavy helping of Greek mythology. It’s something completely different that will set the Grimm Universe spinning in a different, and decidedly awesome, direction.

And speaking of the Grimm Universe - Zenescope is launching another new series in September, and it’s called… well,Grimm Universe. I’m writing the first over-sized issue, which features Neptune, Angel, and a few surprise characters. While this decidedly builds toward the role Neptune and Heather Angelos will play inGodstorm,┬áit tells a complete, epic, balls-out action story.

And y’all know aboutRobyn Hood, which is beginning the start of what I think will be an epic run in September as well.

I can’t wait for you all to hold these comics in your hands.

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