Favorite movie of 2014 AND of all time…

So I’m not at Boston Comic Con this year, but Adventures in Poor Taste’s David Brooke caught me on Google Hangouts so I could join in on his Q&A with these fine folks.

He asked a bunch of nerds like me what our favorite movie on the YEAR and of ALL TIME was. Follow the link for answers:


NEWS: Thomasina’s Human Zoo (young adult graphic novel)

Hey all. Big big news. Silver Dragon Books, the all agents imprint of Zenescope Entertainment, will be digitally publishing my creator-owned comic book series, Thomasina’s Human Zoo.

Thomasina’s Human Zoo, created by me and Distillum artist Sarah Dill, will be publishing monthly from March - August 2013. After the six issues are out, it will be collected into an original graphic novel that will be solicited through Diamond Previews. I’ll post order codes when it is up in Previews, and will be linking you all to the downloading sites when each issue goes up.

Adventures in Poor Taste spoke with me about the book. Click the link for the whole interview, but here is the Thomasina bit: ”It’s about an orphan girl who lives with her grandma, aunts, and uncles. She was raised on fantasy books like Harry Potter and Narnia, so she sort of grew up with this hope that a wizard would come take her away and show her that she’s magic. That it’s all be worth something and that she’s special. We catch up with her as a teenager, and how she deals with the truth of this tragedy.

"Annnnd then her family gets turned into animals and she has to figure out what the heck is going on. It’s a poignant and silly and heartwarming tale about a girl trying to find herself in a world that keeps making less and less sense."

More info to come!

Press Batch #1

Hey! It’s been a crazy week and change. I’ve decided to post, in addition to my weekly Robyn Hood tease, a collection of all the press that’s going on. It’ll be an easy way to follow the art we’re releasing, interviews I’m doing, and all that fun stuff.

1. Press Release

This is what it all began with. Includes three covers for #1, info on the series, and a quote from me.

Robyn Hood is the story I’ve been waiting to tell. We’re taking this girl, who pretty much has everything good in her life taken from her, and we watch as she evolves into a hero.” states series writer Pat Shand. “Like Katniss Everdeen, Robyn is a strong female character that realizes what her destiny is but approaches it on her own terms.

2. INTERVIEW: Adventures in Poor Taste

This interview covers not only Robyn Hood, but my prior work on Grimm Fairy Tales, 1000 Ways to Die, and Joss Whedon’s Angel. Also, I talk a lot about writing in general. I may also geek out about R. L. Stine.

3. INTERVIEW: First Comics News

This interview, just posted today, gets down to the nitty gritty. What am I changing about Robyn Hood? What is staying the same? What about Maid Marian? Are the Merry Men all chicks?

(SPOILER: They’re not.)

Until next time!