Reviews for my first ever creator-owned project AHHHH!

Ah! Ah ahhh! Reviews are coming in for my very first creator-owned comic, and they’re looking amazing.

Here are the first early reviews of Family Pets #1, which I’m releasing digital-first through Comixology on May 1st! It’s published by Silver Dragon Books, the all-ages imprint of Zenescope Entertainment, and I hope y’all will give it a shot.

Comic Booked review

Geekorama review

Coming soon!

NEWS: Thomasina’s Human Zoo (young adult graphic novel)

Hey all. Big big news. Silver Dragon Books, the all agents imprint of Zenescope Entertainment, will be digitally publishing my creator-owned comic book series, Thomasina’s Human Zoo.

Thomasina’s Human Zoo, created by me and Distillum artist Sarah Dill, will be publishing monthly from March - August 2013. After the six issues are out, it will be collected into an original graphic novel that will be solicited through Diamond Previews. I’ll post order codes when it is up in Previews, and will be linking you all to the downloading sites when each issue goes up.

Adventures in Poor Taste spoke with me about the book. Click the link for the whole interview, but here is the Thomasina bit: ”It’s about an orphan girl who lives with her grandma, aunts, and uncles. She was raised on fantasy books like Harry Potter and Narnia, so she sort of grew up with this hope that a wizard would come take her away and show her that she’s magic. That it’s all be worth something and that she’s special. We catch up with her as a teenager, and how she deals with the truth of this tragedy.

"Annnnd then her family gets turned into animals and she has to figure out what the heck is going on. It’s a poignant and silly and heartwarming tale about a girl trying to find herself in a world that keeps making less and less sense."

More info to come!

Grimm 52, Raven Gregory in Wonderland, and GFT: April Fools 2012

So, Zenescope and I got all April Foolsey this week. They leaked two of the pin-ups that I co-created from this week’s Grimm Fairy Tales: April Fools edition 2012.

The first was the announcement of the latest crossover: THE GRIMM 52

This pin-up was written by me and drawn by Sarah ‘Pickles’ Dill, with whom I’m also working on an all ages graphic novel called Thomasina’s Human Zoo. The best part of this joke was how serious some GFT fans took this. A few posters expressed outrage that we were copying DC’s famous New 52 reboot. Personally, I thought the titles were enough to give the “it’s a joke” clue, but I’m glad this one punk’d a few folks.

That said, I really want to write Sela Reading Bedtime Stories in Her Nightie. Sounds like it’ll be a compelling story.

And then, they posted this (all over, which was awesome):

Wonderland writer Raven Gregory and cover artist Eric Basaldua get sucked into a world of their own creation. My Blood Pong collaborators Ian McGinty (line work) and Javier Reyes (coloring) brought this wonky idea of mine to life, and… well, I want this on my wall forever. Raven put it up as his profile picture anyway, so that was pretty cool.

Both of these pin-ups will be featured in tomorrow’s GRIMM FAIRY TALES: APRIL FOOLS EDITION 2012. You can find it in your local comic shop and find it there, or you can order it right here:

DIGITALLY (already available!).


Or, you can head to tomorrow and buy the exclusive Pinocchio cover by Eric Basaldua.

Hope you guys dig the issue. All of the tales were co-written with Ralph Tedesco, who also wrote the plot for my GFT: Holiday edition. Let me know what you think!

My next comic from Zenescope

I would fall deeply, irrevocably in love with you if you pre-ordered my upcoming issue of GRIMM FAIRY TALES from Zenescope. It’s my second time writing in the GFT universe, but… well, this time it’s a bit different. I wrote this years April Fools edition with editor Ralph Tedesco, and it takes already published GFT comics, changes the dialogue to makes the stories silly and funny. It was a blast writing, and it includes pin-up images drawn by Ian McGinty, Javier Reyes, and Sarah ‘Pickles’ Dill. It’s a hell of a lot of fun, and I think Raven Gregory and Eric Basaldua fans will get a kick out of the pin-up I did with Ian.

It’ll be in comic shops early April - but if you don’t tell your shop owner to order it, there’s a chance you’ll miss out. I’ll cry, you’ll cry, it’ll be a big crying thing, so let’s avoid that. You can also get it online at the link below: