Can I please…

…direct any/all of my readers over to WONDERLAND #26 and GODDESS INC #1?

Both of these are jumping on points, and they’re written (respectively) by Erica J. Heflin and LaToya Morgan. They are both powerful voices for women in comics, and I think they’re doing such wonderful things with each of their titles and are going to make a hell of a wave in this industry.

Also, they’re both just the BEST PEOPLE EVER.

Follow the link for an exclusive preview of ROBYN HOOD: THE ONGOING SERIES #1!

Follow the link for an exclusive preview of ROBYN HOOD: THE ONGOING SERIES #1!

The end of ROBYN HOOD

Today, I received the last new page of the ROBYN HOOD TRILOGY from Larry and Slamet. Here it is… and, really, it’s the scene that gives birth to the concept of the ongoing series.

I’m so proud of my collaborators and the story we told. Thanks so much to those who are reading. You mean everything to me.

NOTE: This isn’t the last page of the series. That, I won’t be posting.

Marian redesigned!

The ROBYN HOOD ONGOING series is coming this August, but as we wait, I’ll be leaking little glimpses at what we’re working on.

Here’s Larry Watts’ redesign of MARIAN.

That hair :3

NEWS: Thomasina’s Human Zoo (young adult graphic novel)

Hey all. Big big news. Silver Dragon Books, the all agents imprint of Zenescope Entertainment, will be digitally publishing my creator-owned comic book series, Thomasina’s Human Zoo.

Thomasina’s Human Zoo, created by me and Distillum artist Sarah Dill, will be publishing monthly from March - August 2013. After the six issues are out, it will be collected into an original graphic novel that will be solicited through Diamond Previews. I’ll post order codes when it is up in Previews, and will be linking you all to the downloading sites when each issue goes up.

Adventures in Poor Taste spoke with me about the book. Click the link for the whole interview, but here is the Thomasina bit: ”It’s about an orphan girl who lives with her grandma, aunts, and uncles. She was raised on fantasy books like Harry Potter and Narnia, so she sort of grew up with this hope that a wizard would come take her away and show her that she’s magic. That it’s all be worth something and that she’s special. We catch up with her as a teenager, and how she deals with the truth of this tragedy.

"Annnnd then her family gets turned into animals and she has to figure out what the heck is going on. It’s a poignant and silly and heartwarming tale about a girl trying to find herself in a world that keeps making less and less sense."

More info to come!

My comics in October.

I should have done this a bit earlier. In the future, I’ll do these right after Previews is released, so folks have enough time to order. I’ve got four comics out in October, and here they are.

Robyn Hood #2: Things are heating up as Robyn is thrown into the world of Myst. Zenescope’s new flagship title continues, bringing a modern Robyn to a not-so-modern world.

Godstorm #1: In September, we release a prologue issue that sets up this series. This is where the story begins, though, and it’s this strange but fun mix of crime drama a la The Wire with the epic action and fantasy you’d expect from a series about Greek gods.

Grimm Fairy Tales Halloween edition 2012: I’ll be writing two stories in this horror anthology. It’ll be the most chilling Halloween edition we’ve ever done, because we’re really going for the scares this time.

Giant-Size Grimm Fairy Tales 2012: Annnnnd this. Oh this. This is my big summer blockbuster movie. At fifty pages, this is the longest single story comic Zenescope has ever released. It’s brand new, and spans all of the realms - that’s right, we’re throwing Blake, Bolder, and Aisling (the new and awesome female hero of the Grimm Universe!) into Myst, Wonderland, Neverland, and Oz. It’s never been done before… and the entire Grimm Universe will be shaken from the events of this issue.